The Lesser Caucasus - Between Ararat and the Caspian Sea

The mountain worlds of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus mark the border between Europe and Asia. After their documentary about the Greater Caucasus, Henry J. Mix and his team have now prepared a second film about the impressive mountain world of this region. The species and landscape diversity of the lesser Caucasus are portrayed in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Shielded from the more than 4000-metre-tall main ridge of the Greater Caucasus, a thermophilic flora and fauna was able to develop in the Lesser Caucasus. For the first time, the astonishing variety of the land bridge between Europe and Persia is portrayed comprehensively. From the mountains of Dagestan, down to the canyons of the Caspian Basin, through the steppes of Azerbaijan and up into the Armenian highlands, all before the majestic backdrop of biblical Mount Ararat.